Creating a vApp and a VM

The following screen appears once you have logged onto vCloud Director (hereinafter referred to as "vCD"):

Create a vApp and a VM

The vCD start page provides an overview of the vApps available in your vOrg.

1) To create a new vApp, switch to the My Cloud tab.

vCloud Director

2) Clicking the "new" symbol opens a new window.

New vApp

2) Now enter a name for the new vApp.

3) The settings for the runtime and storage lease enable you to determine when the vApp should expire, i.e. how long the vApp should use your virtual data centre's vApp resources. This setting is particularly useful for time-restricted tests.

Click the Next button to move to the next screen.

Add Vms to vApp

In the next step you can add new virtual machines (VMs) to your vApp.

5) From the dropdown menu, select the catalogue containing the templates.

6) Having selected the required template, click the Add button to add it to the list.

6.1) Alternatively, you can also create a new VM. This is done by clicking the New Virtual Machine... button. The procedure is described in step 8, below.

7) To continue, confirm your action by clicking the Next button.

vcd create new vm

8) Configuring a VM with its own OS:

8.1) Enter the full name and the computer name.

8.2) Now select the operating system family and version from the two dropdown menus.

8.3) Configure your VM by selecting the desired resources.

8.4) Confirm your selection by clicking the OK button.

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